What is Boot To Gecko:

Live demo:

It's all HTML so it works on a Firefox. Try it now: http://paulrouget.com/gaia/, (better to use Firefox Nightly).


Myself showing how to hack the inner HTML (sorry for the quality of the video):

Interview with the developers (in English, German, French and Chinese):

Here is a video of an alternative UI built by Telefonica:


How to build B2G for Samsung Galaxy S2.

If you want to get involved in the development of Boot2Gecko, take a look at the wiki pages: the UI code (gaia) wiki.mozilla.org/Gaia the system code: wiki.mozilla.org/B2G.

And here are some mockups: http://joshcarpenter.ca/Boot-to-Gecko.

Fork the code! It's on github.

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