A couple of days ago, I wrote about how important it is to be accurate when you report bugs on Twitter. I also encouraged my followers to report bugs directly on bugzilla. Since then, we manage to fix 2 bugs. And that was just pain-free. Let's look at what happened:

First bug, wrong label when bookmarking a link that includes nested spans:

@manchurian, 7:31 PM - 14 Dec 11, reports a bookmark bug:

Tiny obscure bug when bookmarking links with nested text nodes jsfiddle.net/paa2004/gh8xN/

@paulrouget, 10:18 PM - 14 Dec 11, I isolate the faulty function in another jsfiddle, and ask on twitter if anyone feels like finding what's wrong:

HELP! You know JavaScript? Here is a Firefox bug you can probably fix (no need to compile): jsfiddle.net/gh8xN/11/

@DvdBng, 10:25 PM - 14 Dec 11, David Bengoa (Firefox spanish volunteer) finds the bug:

something like this? jsfiddle.net/gh8xN/12/

At, 10:53 PM - 14 Dec 11, I open a bug (bug 710878) and attach the fix.

One day after, I add a test, the patch is reviewed by @dietrich. And done!

Second bug, Drag'n droping a file from dribbble.com to the Finder (Mac) creates a corrupted file:

This report is interesting because it comes with a bug report on bugzilla, by @maxart. Once @maxart opened the bug, he pinged me on Twitter, and cc'ed me in the bug. It took me an hour to figure out what was going on (with the help of @maxart). Then a week pass (got some emails problems). Then I ping a couple of people on IRC, Gavin found what the problem is (duplicate of an existing bug). 2 hours later, Gavin posts a patch. And done!.

Thank you @manchurian, @DvdBng, @maxart and @dietrich!

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