I deleted my 10K+ twitter account

"Fame" is what a lot of us on the internet are looking for. Our number of followers tells us how good we're doing in the internet star system.

Twitter starts as a tool. You keep track of what's trendy. You follow famous people. You share among your friends, your colleagues. But once you spend most of your time only using the mention tab, this is a different game.

I started seeing my number of followers as a "score", a "rank". Being retweeted hundreds of time and getting hundred of mentions after a blog post, a talk, a demo, it boosts your ego.

I deleted my Twitter account (10K+ followers) 6 months ago during my "disconnected break" in Asia. Maybe it's maturity. I'm getting older. I understand better what I like, what I enjoy, what is important to me (writing code, building, shipping). I'm not interested in the race for fame anymore. I realize it was exhausting and a source of anxiety.

But this is me. I'm not saying you should delete your twitter account. It's just it got a little bit out of hand in my case. Twitter became some sort of absurd obsession.

I keep using Twitter as a tool (I tweet as @FirefoxNightly where I share the new features coming to Firefox and to collect bug reports). That is, I think, the healthy way to do it.

And if you want to want to learn more about my work, follow me on bugzilla.mozilla.org (:paul), There's no follower count there ;)