Firefox DevTools candies

Last week, the Firefox DevTools team met in London. A lot of things happened. Rob talked about how to use a Scratchpad to build a Jetpack addon. Panos wrote about Debugging Firefox with the builtin Firefox Debugger. It's my turn to show some little things I have been hacking on. We will blog a bit later about the next-big-thing we are working on for the Firefox DevTools.

Responsive Design View: mobile scrollbars + custom presets

I finally took the time to review Hubert Sablonniere's patch to add custom presets to the Responsive Design View (in Firefox 18). I also managed to force floating scrollbars (like for mobile phones) when you switch to the Responsive Design View (being reviewed).

DOM Tree live preview

It's in Firefox 18. Not sure if it will stick.

OSX Native Fullscreen for Scratchpad windows

Scratchpad screenshot