How I lost 14kg (30lbs) in 10 weeks.

tl;dr: don't fear fat, fear carbs. Learn about the Paleo diet, and use reddit (r/loseit and r/paleo). Oh, and look, I take pictures of what I cook.

You can't imagine how proud I am. Looking back, I feel stupid that I didn't change my diet earlier. But now, man, I feel great, and I look fabulous!

Beek + Asparagus

I used to be overweight. Not much, but enough to bother me. From 86kg (190lbs), I went down to 72kg (158lbs) (male, 1.74m / 5.7ft). I now reached my goal, and I want to share how I managed to do that.

Warning: I am not an expert. This is what works for me, for my body. Just take what you can from this post and build your own diet. And all of this might sound obvious for some of you, but it wasn't for me. And I won't provide deep science knowledge here. I'll focus on things-I-did, and won't give much details.

Don't fear fat, fear carbs.

it's beautiful :)

Eat bacon. Avoid bread, potatoes and pasta. This, I think, was the most important part of this new diet.

Eat animals and plants. No processed food.

What I eat: meat, fish, eggs, plants, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. What I don't eat: grains/cereals, potatoes, dairy, processed food. Better if the meat is grass-fed.

Drink water.

No soda. No beer. I drink around 1.5L of water per day. For some reason, hunger and thirst "feel" the same (really). Drinking helped me to stop the hunger. If 20 minutes after drinking I still feel hungry, I just eat.

Want alcohol? Drink Vodka/Gin/Tequila.

2 hours of cooking just for that :)

Not a diet for 2 months. A diet for life.

I found something that works for me. I got use to eat healthy food. Eating processed food now feels so wrong. About carbs: I have been avoiding carbs, but I will re-introduce some in the future (it was useful to avoid them at first to lose weight).

No calorie counting.


Don't drink juice. Eat the fruit.

Not sure why. There are scientific reasons for that (google is your friend). But in my case, it was important for one reason: eating an apple takes time. It's not as easy as drinking half a litter of juice. I feel more satisfied after eating a pear than drinking some orange juice.

beef + spinash

Learn how to cook.

It is very hard to eat some healthy food in restaurants. So I have to cook for myself. I do some cooking-sessions during the weekend and once a week. Cooking enough for 3 days.

After a while, I learned to be efficient.

I use my oven a lot (rosting is a good way to be efficient. See my reddit post).

For some reasons, my main problem was that my food was not tasty enough. I found some magic ingredients that work for almost everything: garlic, basilic, mint, coriander, nuts, coconut oil, curry, mushrooms, …

Shopping: I buy tons of vegetables when I go to the store. I don't think about the recipes.

I improvise new recipes. Experiment. Select what I like.

I posted a detailed post about what I cook on r/paleo.

The motivation comes after a couple of weeks.

Egg in pepper

Starting the diet was hard. But as soon as I started losing weight, I felt so much motivated that I just didn't stop. The 3 first kilos was such a success :)

Tracking my weight everyday.

This is controversial. Some will tell you that you should go on the scale twice a month. Didn't work for me. I needed to get motivated. And you know what is the most motivating thing ever? Seeing numbers on the scale you haven't seen in 10 years!

Over eating? Use chopsticks.

At first, I was eating too much. Too fast. I now use chopsticks when I can. This helps me to take my time.


Sea food

And I learned something important: I learned how to get motivated. I learned how to bet on long-term improvements. Start small. Find some gratifying things. Get the real boost.

Next step? Sport.

Now I feel like I control my body better, I want to do more. I started doing some martial arts (started with TaiChi - Chen style, considering doing some Viet Vo Dao this week).

Your turn?