Bugzilla is far from being perfect for beginners. This giant form is kind of scary. Here are 2 videos that will help you to demystify most of it:

Johnathan about filing bugs:

Beltzner about searching bugs:

Learn bugzilla

When people find a bug, I encourage them to open the bug themselves. You know, the fish story.

What usually stops people from filing bugs is the fear to do it wrong. Let me be clear here: Yes, you will do something wrong. And this is totally normal! Wrong product (Firefox instead of Core), wrong component, unclear description, etc. It's ok, we will fix that for you and ask you more questions if needed. And you will learn.

People are also afraid of reporting a bug that has already been reported earlier. Again, this is ok. We will "DUPE" it (mark it as duplicate). And your bug report might come with more details, and give us another angle to look at the issue.

21 Dec 2011 / tweet this / @paulrouget