I am a Linux user. I use Archlinux. I am now moving to osx for a little while. I know I can't stand another OS for too long (usually, it lasts ~3 months), so I might move back to Linux after the summer.

Why? Well, first because I like to taste new things. But also because I don't feel "confortable" on Linux anymore. I very much dislike Gnome 3 for a looooot of reasons (ugly, difficult to customize, not stable, …). Unity is not better (can't customize, compiz is not stable). The Gnome 2 forks (like cinnamon) are barely working (or you need to use a specific distro like Linux Mint). I have used Xfce and Lxde for a while… but they are not as good as Gnome 2.

I can't fucking believe that my Linux experience was better 3 years ago… Things go backward. Well, the Desktop experience. The hardware support is just perfect on my macbook air.