Experimenting with HTML5 and native controls


Little screencast:

This video is hosted by YouTube and uses the HTML5 video tag if you have enabled it (see here). YouTube video here.

Alex Faaborg recently published some mockups for "Site Specific Browsers":

I thought it would be a good idea to extend this concept. So here is an idea:

And I think the menu specification could help. I doesn't fit perfectly my needs. But here is a way to implement this idea:

type=toolbar could be used to override the native toolbar, but website already have toolbars (think twitter, facebook). I don't see any clean ways to use, in a progressive-enhancement manner, this toolbar. I prefer an attribute.

type=application is not part of the specification.

I wrote a little JetPack (restart-less) extension to experiment with this idea. You can test it with this web app.

This brings a lot of questions. What about security? What about type=toolbar? Should the app button be persistent? What if there several app buttons? What about styling the menuitems? Should we do that only for app tabs? What about prism-like web apps?

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