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So I was planning to publish a long article about what we call Openness at Mozilla. The article was very boring. Here are some facts instead:

The Mozilla products are all Free & Open Source, even our websites. Check out our Mercurial repository (Firefox & co), our SVN repository (our websites), our Github repository (labs projects and some websites).

If you're part of the Free Software community or the Open Web community, you're welcome to come to the Mozilla offices, take a seat, and talk to us. You'll probably find some Mozilla volunteers hanging around.

Paris office - Photo by Viking Karwur.

You probably know Gary Kovacs, our CEO. I remember the first time I met him. He came to the Paris Office to discuss the future of Firefox. As said before, the office is open to any community member. One of them was there to part in the meeting (hello Julia!).

You can report bugs, participate in the technical discussions, see what we are working on, on and our mailing lists. There are only 2 things you won't see in there: important security related bugs, and stupid internal stuff like Hey, I need a new computer..

Video from

A lot of our meetings are broadcasted live on

You want to know about our revenue? Ok, go there (2009 report, written end of 2010).

We are publishing every day our performance test results, comparing ourself to other people, shamelessly: You can find more performance measurements here (explanation there).

Same thing for the results of our User Experience research project. Look at this heatmap.

You know the little "feedback" button in Firefox Beta? You can see our analysis and results online (more details here).

You can see the advancement of our work on the Firefox design here: You can see what are our priorities, you can comment in the bugs. Same for the addons manager: (That was for Firefox 4, here is more designs for the future versions of Firefox).

Remember the little dialog when Firefox crashes, sending (anonymous) information about the crash to our server? Well, you can see the results here: Also, you can see your own crashes if you go to about:crashes.

Did I mention we are a family? Shipping a product is hard. See how Damon Sicore (VP of Engineering) talks publicly to all the developers: I know you're all tired and stressed. You all do incredible work every day, and you've built an amazing product. Stay focused. Be nice to each other. Firefox 4 is gonna kick ass, and you should be fiercely proud of it.

Damon Sicore

Want to follow closely the development of Firefox? No secret, go there: dev-planning mailing list.

At Mozilla, we have meetings (phone calls). A lot of them are open to anybody from the community. Want to be part of the Marketing Community call? The number is here. Want to join the Firefox/Gecko Delivery Meeting? You'll find the phone number here (even the video conference URL). Check out the wiki for all the calls (better to check dev-planning list for the call announcements).

The roadmap of the Mozilla products? Sure, it's on the wiki. Want to see the features we are working on? Check this out.

You can find all our meeting notes online on this blog. Also we have a Mozilla Engineering Newsletter.

A lot of employees push their weekly status report online, like Sheppy or Mossop.

How do you think the team synchronises their work? Mailing lists, blogs, IRC, ... all public. Here is Limi's message to the volunteers and employees about where to focus their efforts, and here the status update of his team. Another example, Christian Legnitto, Firefox Release Manager, giving an update of the Firefox 4 Beta plan. We share our stories. Here 2 other examples from John O'Duinn talking about our Makefiles and Branches.

Also, we organize huge parties all together (employees, volunteers). I don't know if it means we are open, but at least, it means that we know how to have fun :)

Mozilla Summit 2010

I have been a Mozillian for 8 years now (5 years as a volunteer). This is a fantastic experience. Want to join us? Here are areas where you can can help.

Note: This list has been built during the last 6 months. Some links can be outdated.

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