A little while ago, I moved from Linux to osx because I was extremely disappointed by the direction Linux Desktop Managers were taking. I predicted that it would last 3 months before I come back to Linux. It took 5 months.

The one thing I love about osx is the compelling user experience. It’s solid. Stable. Smooth. Homogeneous. What I didn’t like: It’s not custotmizable (all the osx look the same) and it’s not really keyboard-friendly (even though AlfredApp helped a lot).

Jumping from an OS to an other is no big deal. Beside Firefox, most of the tools I use are text tools (irssi, mutt, vim, …), and they all live in a Tmux (I use Tmux as a tiling window manager).

So why do I come back to Linux?

First, I work on Firefox. And I care a lot about Firefox on Linux (performance and frontend). So I want Linux to be my main OS to make sure I spot bugs early. Let’s say I want to do some Linux-specific QA.

Then, I miss Archlinux’ Aur. Aur is Ali Baba’s cave for hackers. Aur is a user-contributed repository that contains a lot of unexpected/awesome packages.

But my feeling about Linux DM directions hasn’t changed. Let me repeat what I said in my s/Linux/osx/ post: I can’t fucking believe that my Linux experience was better 3 years ago… Things go backward.


You can see my XFCE setup and screenshots here.

I spend 90% of my time in Tmux. screenshot.