Pushover in action

I just discovered Pushover. This service does something very simple. It sends notifications to your phone (Android & iPhone). You can trigger a notification from the HTTP API.

It's pretty simple to send a notification from your shell:

curl -s \
  -F "token=APP_TOKEN" \
  -F "user=USER_KEY" \
  -F "message=hello world" \

I discovered this app yesterday. So I didn't really have the time to play much with it. But I already use it to get a notification from Google Calendar (I don't like SMS), from a shell script when I get a specific email (with a specific topic) and I also send a notification when Firefox finished to compile on my computer (I usually take a break when I have a long compilation going on, so I'm away from my computer).

Also, ifttt has a channel for Pushover. That opens a lot of possibilities :)

Just wanted to share. Do you know any other app that are in the same "spirit" (I know tasker too).