How to report a Firefox bug on Twitter (to me)

I have several thousands followers on Twitter. As a Firefox developer, it's an invaluable way to get inputs from advanced users. I get ideas, I get complains, I get praises, I get bugs. And believe me, this has a real influence on the quality of Firefox. Yeah! Thank you all!

About bug reports…

I get a lot of them. And often, it is too fuzzy to understand what the problem is. Let me give you an example:

"Ouch, mediocre rendering of by Firefox 8 compared to Chrome 17 ! @paulrouget, will this be fixed in Aurora ?"

Everything is wrong in this tweet:

  1. You don't tell what is actually wrong. I have to open the page, look, and assume that you might be referring to this background being stretched. Don't expect me to "guess" what is wrong with your web page. Tell me precisely what is wrong!
  2. There are hundred of lines of code. Do you expect me to go through the whole thing? Please isolate the bug in
  3. Don't assume it's a Firefox bug because the result is different from Chrome. Webkit is not the reference. Webkit includes non-standard features. Webkit has bugs, too. Webkit can behave differently because the spec has changed. In the case of this tweet, it was a bug in the CSS code of the demo, not in Firefox.
  4. "Will this be fixed in Aurora?" You can test it yourself. Test with the latest development version of Firefox ( to know if it's fixed or not.

Did you consider opening a bug on

Try to open a bug. It is not that hard. If you're not confident, it's ok. Try to open a bug, cc me (just type :paul in the CC field), and I will update the bug if there's anything wrong. I will also make sure that the concerned developer will look at the bug.

You probably want to use these links:

One more thing…

Being rude doesn't help. That doesn't happen often, but it happens. As someone else said: "That question would be easier to answer without the personal attacks.".

Thank you!

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