Update: I’m back.

I left for Taiwan. For 2 months. Offline. Alone. Coming back the 1st of June.



I’m taking a break. I need some time to focus on my offline-self. I’ve spent the past 10 years online. Building a reputation, working on Firefox, caring a lot about Mozilla and the web. That was a good ride.

Now I’m 30 and looking forward to 10 other awesome years. But before that, I need to learn how to care less. I need to learn how to calm down and slow down. Pressure and stress are my enemies, and I’m not good at fighting them.

To be honest, I’m not very comfortable putting my online-self to sleep. What about emails? Twitter? My blog? Bugs? … but how comes this is bothering me that much? It should not - especially for only 2 months. That’s why I’m forcing myself to go offline.

caring less and ignoring negativity

I just mentioned that. I want to learn how to care less about the virtual world. I’m proud to be some kind of “public figure”. But when so many people look at you, your work and your organization, you can’t avoid aggressivity, ignorance and negativity.

Even if you get one hundred +1s, one single -1 will punch you in the face. Negativity is toxic. It is hurting the people who build things. This is the hardest part of my job. I want to escape it. I want to stop caring about these people.


Mastering and evangelizing the web platform have been my only goals. Being excellent at this was such an important thing. Well, I made it :) … and I won’t stop working on it, but I can’t imagine only doing that for the coming years.

During these 2 months, my plan is to learn new things. Things that will be irrelevant for my career, things that won’t make me better at writing code. I want to learn a new language (I’m learning Chinese), I want to improve my drawing skills and practice my Kung-Fu (Tai-chi and Wushu).

why Taiwan

Different reasons.

The last time I’ve been there was enlightening. People are so different, so kind. The culture is so colorful. I felt the need to learn more about the Chinese life.

Also, if you know me, you know that I lived in a lot of different places. Now I feel it’s the right time to settle down somewhere. Have an actual “home”. Stop moving. But before that, I want to see how it feels to live in Asia. 2 months is short, but it will give me a chance to know what I could miss if I never move there.

I need sunlight. I want to be surprised. I want to get lost.

what after

Not sure yet. I’ll need to figure out where I want to live. It will take some time to catch-up with 2 months of bugs/news/mails/…. But anyway, even though 2 months is short, I hope to be a different person after this break. A little more “zen” :)

I’m still online for one week. If you have anything to check with me before I leave, ping me!

See you in 2 months