Tracking what's going on in Firefox Nightly (help needed)

I'm behind the @FirefoxNightly twitter account (and there's a also a blog: I'm supposed to find new features added to Firefox that might impact web developers and end users.

Keeping track of interesting changes without drowning into bugmails is hard. I tried for a long time to just follow a large set of components, then track the hg commits, but it's just too much work. I adopted a new strategy, less optimal, but I think it's good enough and doesn't take me too much time:

bugzilla requests:

List of bugs that have been fixed and might need my attention:

dev.platform: intent to ship/implement

In this mailing list, I look for the "intent to ship" or "intent to implement" posts.


I regularly check mozillazine, geckozone and neowin threads. There's a lot of noise there, but there is always one or two users who are very good at spotting new things that I tend to miss.

Meeting notes:

@FirefoxNightly mentions:

Firefox developers sometimes tweet when a new feature lands, mentionning @FirefoxNightly.

How you can help:

If you know any tricks that could help me to find interesting bugs, please let me know. And if you spot anything that should be tweeted by the @FirefoxNightly account, just tweet and mention @FirefoxNightly.